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Norrent-Fontes is a village 80 km from Calais, near a motorway parking where trucks driving to the UK stop. There is a camp of Eastern Africa migrants nearby.


The last municipal elections saw a change of mayor in Norrent-Fontes. It went from a mayor who did his best at the scale of a small town to improve the living conditions of the migrants to a hostile mayor. After interrupting the water supply of the camp, and having filed a complaint for breach of the code of urbanism against the association Terre d’Errance rebuilding shelters after a fire, he lodged a complaint to the court for the eviction of the camp.

The hearing will take place tomorrow Wednesday, July 27.

Terre d’Errance calls for a rally tomorrow at 2 pm before the High Court of Bethune, Place Lamartine.


You can also sign a petition to the Mayor of Norrent-Fontes :



You have here the translation in English of the text :

« To Mr Bertrand Cocq, Mayor of Norrent-Fontes: maintaining Norrent-Fontes migrants camp.

The Norrent-Fontes camp is 250 people who wander, trying to find refuge, trying somehow to find a corner of transient peace.
250 human beings, like you, like us, who deserve just as everyone to live in decent conditions.
250 individuals, male and female, who had to flee, cross the seas, suffer conditions of a dramatic exodus to escape the daily atrocities.
250 souls in search of a normal life, security, stability.
250 uprooted looking for new roots to rebuild here or elsewhere, parked in the middle of land where they built a semblance of dignity which will be withdrawn.

Dismantle the camp is forcing these lives already broken to a new exodus, with increasing the burden on the back.
Dismantle the camp is promising tomorrows even more uncertain.
Dismantle the camp is to overload even the Grande-Synthe and Calais camps, these cages disguised
Dismantle the camp is a little more certain lives condemn to death.

By signing this petition, you launch a strong appeal to the leaders who tolerate the unacceptable.
By signing this petition, you are showing your support to the exiles of Norrent-Fontes and to all others.
By signing this petition, you claim a worthy home for all the exiles»


Norrent-Fontes abris