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Seen the increased number of deaths at the British border (see here, here, here and here), associations engaged in supporting migrants just released the statement below.

It is not yet known whether the rally planned for tonight in honor of the last deceased will be banned or not. The protester arrested at the rally yesterday was released.


« 4 deaths in 15 days

When is the state going to do its duty to protect them?

  • Monday, July 11, 2016, during the night: Death of a 17years old Eritrean girl, struck on the road to the port by a truck that didn’t stop. Only the weekend before this young woman had left Steenvoorde camp, located 70 kilometers from the town of Calais, to avoid being there for the provided eviction.
  • July 20, 2016, during the night: death of a young refugee on A16, unknown origin. He was struck by a vehicle while trying to go to the UK.
  • July 25, during the night: death of an Ethiopian refugee during a fight inside the crowded Jungle.
  • Night of July 26: death of a Sudanese refugee, hit by a car on the road to the port.


These deaths happened in Calais, where migrants keep coming whilst the surface of the camp has been halved compared to last year. According to the lastest Census made by associations there are 7037 people living there; this overcrowding worsens even more the already indecent living conditions.

These deaths are the fatal consequences of political decisions; policies that continue to build walls, dismantling camps, and even filter arrivals to give hospitality only those considered “vulnerable” -as in Grande-Synthe camp-, even if it was the first in France in compliance with international standards for accommodating refugees.

Now, since the beginning of 2015, the amount of know deaths of migrants on the English-French border is 37. How many people have to die for those in power to understand how desperate are situations in which refugees are stucked?

“These deaths are the fatal consequences of policies and political decisions. “


Mr. ***
Sudanese migrant died on the night of July 26, hit by a car on the road to the port.
Mr. ***
Ethiopian migrant died in the night of July 25 in a fight in the camp.
Mr. ***
Migrant of unknown origin, died on the night of July 20, hit by a car on the A16.
Mrs ***
Eritrean migrant, died on the night of July 11 to 12, hit by a truck that didn’t stop.
Mr. ***
Afghan migrant, 15 years old, died in January suffocated in a truck
Mr. ***
Afghan migrant, died Feb. 10 in unknown circumstances
Mr. ***
Sudanese migrant, died March 2 in his tent
Mr. ***
Afghan migrant, 22 years old, died on March 31 hit by a truck.
Mr. ***
Migrant, died on April 2 in the crash of the truck in which he was hiding.
Mr. ***
Pakistani migrant, died on 9 May on Calais road, hit by a driver who did not stop.
Mr. ***
Afghan migrant, died on May 29, hit by a truck on the highway.
Mr. ***
Migrant, died on July 4 hit by a car on the highway.

Published on July 27, 2016


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