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The calaisian migrants support associations are now calling for a rally the day after the announcement of each exile’s death, to show our refusal of the unacceptable. The first took place on July 21, forty people were present.

The second was prohibited by a prefectural order issued on behalf of the state of emergency, used systematically in Calais for repression against exile-es (that is among others on behalf of the state emergency has been razed the southern part of the shantytown), or to ban any demonstration on the subject (see here, here and here).

The pretext is made a demonstration by the far right that never happened nor has been organized. But there are also among the reasons for the order that “the protesters are likely to mobilize migrants within the camp of the moor covered by the motto of this association; the latter, whose number reaches 4,500 individuals show violent behavior. ” Like what an administrative act can become a xenophobic propaganda vector.

As police dispersed the people who were anyway gathered to pay homage to the dead person on the night of Monday to Tuesday, one protester was arrested. She spent the night in custody to view. We are still without news.

A new death occurred in the night of Tuesday to Wednesday. A rally is planned tonight at 18:30 in front of the Richelieu Park. It has not yet been subject to a ban.