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On July 11, the exiles camp of Steenvoorde https://goo.gl/maps/WAqaihVoJXP2, near a parking on Highway Lille – Dunkirk – Calais, was evacuated and destroyed. The inhabitants were forced to board in buses under the threat of being arrested, and sent to detention center to be deported. The bus took to to a respite center, or Reception and Orientation Center (CAO in French), in Chardonnay, Burgundy.

Twenty-three people on sixty-five fled before arriving at their destination, taking advantage of a halt. The others left the CAO in the following days.

Part of the people returned to Steenvoorde and live in worse conditions. The police harass them and prevents installation of tent or cabin construction. So they sleep under the stars.


Others came to Calais. As the authorities prevent the construction of new cabins they live in tents.

They continue to try to go in the UK, maybe some are already there.

Note in passing that the CAO should be places where people wishing to think about their migratory project could be hosted without preconditions other than to move away from the British border. They are now one of the camps evictions management tool. During the evacuation of the Chocques camp on June 1 (see here and here), it was offered to people evicted-e-s to go in CAO. No one boarded the bus. In Steenvoorde, they were forced to do it (on which legal basis?)

The article published in La Voix du Nord also tells us that there is a place of passage in Callicanes https://goo.gl/maps/GGRx53d5Udt at the Belgian border. They are Afghans who are trying to pass there (in Steenvoorde they are people from East Africa). This reflects the multiplication and dispersion of crossing points since 2014 and the increase in the number of migrants at the British border.