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After building fences around the port of Calais and the Channel Tunnel in 2000 and 2001, British authorities had offered to French authorities military radar to scan the trucks before they crossed the Channel. In 2009, the year of the media climax led by Eric Besson, French Minister of Immigration, which had its highlight in the destruction of the “Jungle of Calais” and other camps and squats around the town, a French-British Arrangement stated a sharing of costs incurred in controls on the border between the two countries. Since 2015, the UK government contributes to the costs of control incurred by the Eurotunnel society (see here, here and here) and French authorities (see here, here, here and here).

New grids and safety devices have been installed around the harbor and the Tunnel, where all the vegetation -trees and bushes- was razed in order to facilitate the view of refugees coming. Some places have even been flooded to make the access more difficult and more dangerous. Fences were built in different times along the ring road to access to the port and the access ramp to the tunnel.

Now, the construction of a wall equipped with cameras is planned over several kilometers of the road to the harbour, as a continuation of the already existing fences, and it’s going to be funded by the British government.

British volunteers launched a petition asking the British government not to finance it.



If you are British citizen you can also address the petition to the British authorities here :


« Stop the building of a pointless wall in Calais

To: Amber Rudd, UK Home Secretary (Conservatives)

Stop the building of a pointless wall in Calais

We need to stop the spending of £1.9million of UK tax payer money on building a pointless wall in Calais, the first border wall to be built in Europe since the Berlin wall.

Why is this important?

There is no evidence to support that the building of further border defenses at Calais will help resolve the border situation, and will rather put refugees at further risk of injury and death.

We need better political dialogue around the safe passage of refugees into Britain. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it is Britain’s responsibility to care for those affected by wars, poverty and conflict, particularly those that Britain has had a direct hand in creating or maintaining through defensive interventions and the arms trade. Britain’s responsibility includes caring for the displaced citizens of those countries on our home soil.

The UK can no longer stand as a leading global economy if it appears to turn its back on our fellow human. Britain is not wealthy as long as it perpetrates racism on its borders, and perpetrates xenophobia in its governmental policies.

We need better political dialogue around the safe passage of refugees into Britain. It is Britain’s responsibility to care for those affected by wars, poverty and conflict, and that includes caring for the displaced citizens of those countries on our home soil.

The Calais jungle and other migrant camps in the Calais area are a human rights sore on the conscience of the West. They pose a problem for everyone involved, from local Calais residents, to UK lorry drivers and the refugees living in the camps. The first-step solution is to stop the building of a pointless wall on the UK border in Calais, the second step will be to remove the UK border from Calais and back into the UK. This will ensure a safe passage of refugees into their destination country; help in creating a peaceful relationship between migrants and Calais residents; and help prevent UK truck drivers facing further fines for carrying migrant passengers. The border situation is not going to be solved by building a pointless wall.

The camps exist in Calais because the UK has pushed its border controls into France, to try and stem migration into the UK. Since the defenses were built in 2014, net migration into the UK has increased, as have the residents of Calais and the documented border crossing attempts. This proves that these controls have little or no impact on migration into the UK.

The UK demonstrates a rigid, racist border control policy by not allowing migration form outside the EU into the UK where people can seek asylum through legal means. This results in people being trapped on the border in Calais living in slum conditions, attempting dangerous crossings to try and reach family and asylum in the UK.

Building walls and increasing border defenses has yet to be proven as an effective means of dealing with refugees and migration. Instead it puts pressure on neighbouring countries and fractures international relations with these countries.

Refugees and migrants travelling into the UK are unlikely to stop as long as there is war being waged in the world. Post-Chilcot it is clear that British involvement in the wars in Iraq and the Middle East contravened international law. It is the UK’s responsibility to take-in refugees on our home soil, whilst we wage wars or are complicit in the destruction of societies through the arms trade or economic exploitation for resources.

The UK government appears to prefer implementing suffering on thousands of innocent people fleeing war and persecution, and the pointless spending of millions of pounds of UK tax payers money, than trying to resolve the issue of refugees through compassionate means.

Stop the building of a pointless wall in Calais, and take our border back onto our own soil.

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