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In record time, the exiles have built in a particularly inhospitable place the beginnings of a city with its places of worship, shops, restaurants, schools, complemented by supportive citizens’ initiatives and associations. Calais should build on their momentum, rather than envying them.

Places of life and creativity, but also a place of banishment, violence and insecurity. Place that should disappear as it is a ghetto, but not for the umpteenth manhunt ahead police and bulldozers, instead relying on the creativity of its inhabitants that they find their full place in society.

After police raids accompanied by arrests to the shops and restaurants of the shantytown (see here, here, here and here), and according to the logic of bulldozer and police, the prefecture appealed to the Administrative court for their destruction, first step of a destruction of what remains of the shantytown with no other outcome for its inhabitantsthan wandering in an even more precarious conditions (see here, here and here).

To demonstrate your opposition to this destructive logic and support people who live and work in the shops and restaurants of the shantytown, each and everyone is invited to be present at the hearing or to gather before the court :

Wednesday, August 10 from 8:30 to Lille Administrative Court, 5 rue Geoffroy de Saint Hilaire



Louise-barber light

A barber shop, drawing Loup Blaster http://loupblaster.tumblr.com