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The prefecture of Pas-de-Calais brought proceedings before the Administrative Court of Lille for the destruction of shops and restaurants created by the migrants in the shantytown of Calais. Also referred the Kids Restaurant, which provides free meals to 150 unaccompanied minors. The hearing will take place tomorrow Wednesday at 8:30.

A support rally is planned at 8:30 am in front of the court, 5 rue Geoffroy de Saint Hilaire in Lille.



You can find bellow an automatic translation of the migrants support associations. You can download the original text in French here.


« Press release

The Prefecture of the Pas de Calais will this Wednesday, August 10th at the Administrative Court requesting permission to close 72 restaurants in the jungle, and the rehabilitation of the premises, that is to say, their destruction. She argues the lack of compliance with hygiene and public safety.

The signatory organizations state that the closure, which has already been ordered by the police between 19 and 23 July, and concerned also all kinds of shops (hairdressers, grocery stores …) and the destruction of these restaurants and have already will have serious consequences for people surviving in the Calais camp.

1- These restaurants were important in the camp food, filling meal distributed at the end of long queues by the Centre Jules Ferry and associations supporting migrants. Already, organizations have had to increase their contributions, and the queues are longer for some days. These queues are the most important source of tensions, this crowded camp, often lead to brawls;

2- These restaurants distributed in part or completely (like Kid ‘Restaurant, who was distributing free meals to 150 unaccompanied minors) free meals to destitute migrants; They also host about 250 people, who will be homeless, because there is more room to install new tents, there is a shortage of tents, and the prefecture prohibits any shelter;

3- The closure plan and destruction of the prefecture is global: it involves in fact all other types of businesses; it is argued by health violations attributed to all restaurants, without any distinction; he addresses the supposed owners or managers unnamed, restaurants not designated individually, although some respected or less regulation; [Can not criticize “some” without naming them, if you feel that talking about all]

4- The proposal by a number of owners / managers of restaurants to comply with the law concerning the opening, welcoming the public and the health conditions, has not received precise answers from the authorities.

This operation, if the Administrative Court was persuaded by the reasons given by the Prefecture, will increase the lack of food and tensions in the camp, and will therefore exacerbate security problems invoked by the local economic and political power as reasons to dismantle the camp.

Therefore, the signatory associations ask that are not destroyed camp shops. They are calling for a round table between authorities, migrant community representatives and associations, to propose and implement ways to ensure in decent conditions, in terms of health and dignity, security food for people on the camp. This security should be provided by the state, and not aggravated by it as it may be.

The food situation of the camp. Some figures (based on two meals a day, figures before the restaurant closed)

– There are more than 7000 people on site

– The center distributes Jules Ferry, once a day, 3 100-3 500 meals, and that after three to four hours of queue (30% of requirements)

– The 70 restaurants distribute 850 free meals a day, and sell about 1500 (20% of requirements)

– Associative kitchens (Belgian 1000 Kitchen, Kitchen in Calais 1000, Refugee Community Kitchen (Hostel Migrants) 2000, 1000 Ashram Kitchen, Kid’s restaurant 200) distribute about 40% of needs

– The rest is made by the migrants themselves from purchases in the camp grocery and shops of Calais, or occasionally food distributed by other associations.

SIGNATORIES : ACC Minorités visibles, Actes et cités, ACT & HELP, Auberge des migrants, Collectif fraternité migrants bassin minier 62, Emmaus Dunkerque, Itinérance Dieppe, Jungle books, Le Réveil Voyageur, Secours catholique, Utopia 56 »