Between 1938 and 1940 the UK hosted nearly ten thousand Jewish children coming from Germany and other countries occupied by the Nazi regime. The name of the operation was Kindertransport. One of these children has become a member of the House of Lords, the second chamber of the UK parliament.

It is in remembering its own story that the UK today proposed to welcome three thousand  unaccompanied children stranded on European land. The British government opposed and managed to get the abandonment of any numerical target, but “the amendment Dubs’, named after its sponsor, Alfred Dubs, passed successfully. Underage migrants will be able to legally reach the UK from Greece, Italy and the camps in France on the British border.

Since then, local associations and British families have prepared to welcome these minors, while children matching the criteria were identified. And three months have passed, and nothing happend.

On the British side, the government does not put in place the procedures for the minors to receive accomodation. On the French side, the state and the county council dont’t want ot get these kids out of the legal abandonment in which they have left them.

Past Thursday three representatives of the Local Government Association came in the slum of Calais to meet the minors that British towns are ready to welcome and are still stucked in the Jungle. They came with the medias, since it is necessary to push for a breakthrough this situation.



Dover : arriving of the “Calais boat”, one century ago.