About thirty people gathered yesterday at the Richelieu park to honor the death of a Sudanese migrant in the night between Monday and Tuesday.

He died near a crossing point,  during a fight in which there were also a dozen other refugees injured.



With caution, we could hypothesize that the last free passage places (where the migrants attempt to cross without smugglers), on the ring road leading to the port and on the highway, are moving. Farther from the port and closer to paying passage places (controlled by smugglers), parkings in Marck and in the industrial area Marcel Doret, and there starts being problems between the two different way of crossing.



During the summer there has been a demographic change inside the slum, with Sudanes becoming the largest group (45% of inhabitants), while the Afghans had been for months. It is likely that this influences the power on passageways, and fights happen trying to balance it. But bearing in mind the relative value of nationalities in the struggle to understand things: it’s an easy way to categorize people, the country of oring, but it does not necessarily explain the situation.

Anyway, in the slum, as it’s done  after every eruption of violence, discussions were held between people respected and representing each “community” in order to ease the tension.

Since the beginning of the year, this is the eleventh known death on the British border. On February 10, the body of an Afghan exile missing from several days was found in the harbor. On 2 March, a Sudanese exile was found dead in his tent in the slum. On 31 March, an Afghan migrant died on the highway, hit by a truck that did not stop. On 1 April, british volunteers announced the death of a refugee who lived in the camp of Grande-Synthe: he had managed to cross the border on the axles of a truck, but the truck had an accident in the UK. On May 9, a Pakistani migrant died on the ring road to accessthe port, hit by a car. On 29 May, an Afghan refugee died on Highway 16, hit by a truck. On July 4, another exiled died on the ring road. On the night of July 11 to 12, Samrawit died hit by a truck that did not stop on the ring road, while she was stuck in Calais after the eviction of the camp of Steenvoorde where she lived (see here FR, here and here EN). On July 21, the body of a migrant was found at the edge of the highway. On July 26, an exiled was stab in the slum. On July 27, a refugee died on the bypass to the port, hit by a vehicle that did not stop.