The “rue des Mouettes”, Seagulls street, in the industrial area of the Dunes, near Calais Jungle. A street lined with plants, surrounded by barbed wire fences. It’s around 10 am.

On one side of the street, some blankets and sleeping bags show that people have spent the night there to get on the bus leaving to a “respite center” or Center welcome and Orientation, place in which can go migrants who wish so, without first having to apply for asylum (see here, here, here and here).

Across the street, a group waiting, sitting: the lucky ones who will get on the daily ride. A bus is parked there. We are there after the sorting among the lucky ones and others. All around, a group of people with red jackets try to keep on eye on the situation, patience or variable nervousness. In between this side of the street and the other, dozens of migrants negotiate, protest, try to join the group of lucky ones. Police officers are also there, keeping distance or coming closer depending on the mood.

Then comes the time to end all this. The police repel those who still hoped to be part of this trip, or simply stood there to protest against the injustice they feel. The police pushes them away until all leave. The is possible for the bus to leave.

And this routine is comes every day of departure to the so-called Reception and Orientation Centers.