It was a judgment of the Lille tribunal the one that saved from destruction communal areas of the southern part of the Jungle, stating that it was unclear the legal action of the prefecture concerning them as well, and asking for further explanations to procede. For that they remained after the destruction of March.

Among them, Art School, created in connection with the artist collective Art in the Jungle, which hosted art and crafts workshops, French classes, a small library.

But the 14th of August a fire destroyed what was saved from prefectural bulldozers: the school burned along with the shelters around.

Since then, a large tent was put in place of it , but police destroyed the tents of the keepers. The dozens of people who lived next door and that protected the school against theft and other possible problems, whose shelters were also saved in March but were now destroyed by fire.

Art in the Jungle had planned to celebrate its first birthday on Saturday, and has maintained the date despite the fire. And it was done, some works arranged around the tent – school that we hope being just a short term solution during a proper reconstruction. And then musicians, a little string ensemble from Music & Peace

A few songs, the tango in Lully, first on a path next to the school, for the guardians of the place and the guests of Art in the Jungle. Then, in the heart of the slum, for whoever passing by and would have quickly to gathered around musicians, volunteers and migrants all together.

For Music & Peace this was the fist time in the Jungle, a first step, and there will be others, for other moments of exchange.

Art in the Jungle 27-08-2016

Au fil du temps/On the thread of time– Sophie & Daniel. Photo Art in the Jungle