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Monday, February 29, 2016, the destruction of the southern part of Calais shantytown begins. Three thousand five hundred people will be evicted in just under three weeks and their homes destroyed, unless they have had time to dismantle their huts and take it to the northern part, where most of the people who are evicted will move.

Media are there, but kept away by police, the sub-prefect who tells them what is happening on the other side of the CRS cord. Everything is going well, people will leave only if they are willing, the homes of people who do not want to move are not destroyed.

On the other side of the police cordon, the reality is quite different. Water Cannon, gassing, beatings are used to clear out people who do not want to leave.

Witnesses (see here, here, here and here), exiles and volunteers, publish information, take and send out images. So the police arrest people who fall into its hands. Two volunteers from L’Auberge des Migrants spend thus 48h in custody and receive an OQTF – Obligation to Leave French Territory (one is German, one British). The Administrative Court cancels the OQTF, the Criminal Court discharges them because the folder is empty.

The prefecture appealed against, both volunteers therefore appear before the Douai Appeal Court on Tuesday.

Persons wishing to support them are invited:

Tuesday, September 6 at 14h at the Court of Appeal, 47 rue Merlin de Douai, in Douai



Polyvalence 29-02-2016

February 29, 2016: beginning of the destruction of the southern part of Calais shantytown. Photo:  association Polyvalence http://assopolyvalence.org/une-semaine-a-calais/