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The road goes away from the village in the middle of the fields, then branches off in a way, and it’s there. At the fork, a small booth run by volunteers, exiles and exiles volunteers. To welcome and show the way.

Norrent-Fontes camp became two with the increase of its population. The shelters built by Doctors of the World in 2012 are still at the end of road. This is the space where alone women live, allowing some security. Further, in the woods, a camp of shacks inhabited by single men and couples.

From either side of the latter, a space for the food, drink (whithout alcohol) and meeting, and another for music and meeting. And very diverse people from throughout the region to express their solidarity and mark resistance to the policies of destruction and rejection faced by the migrants (see here and here).

Norrent-Fontes camp is under the threat of an eviction procedure.

You can show your solidarity by being present at the hearing:

Wednesday, September 14 at 14H, the court Bethune Place Lamartine


And by signing the petition:





Norrent-Fontes – Resistance fields.