*(Karcher cleaning refers to Sarkozy’s infamous speech in 2005 in which he said he would “power wash using a Karcher all the scum out of the French suburbs”

What is there in common between Calais and Notre-Dame-des-Landes? At least one thing, their evictions announced for Autumn, in one case the largest slum in France, the other the Zone To Defend emblematic of a long term ecological struggle, in the context of a pre-presidential campaign.

In a time when every political choice is about communication, the choice has been made to send two “strong signals” to “public opinion” (apparently the only legitimate is that which celebrates the use of force) to liquidate before the election all symbols of resistance.

A symbol of the reality of the social movement that resists the mixture of financial and political interests.

A symbol of the reality of migratory movements that resist the barriers that states want to put up .

On the campaign trail, Nicolas Sarkozy will be in Calais tomorrow September 21st, François Hollande on Monday 26th September. Strange twin visits by two politicians to the place of their respective failure – Calais is riven by unemployment, poverty and poor housing – and of their success – diverting attention, making believe that the problem is the”migrants “.

Visits happening while right-wing oppositions calls on Mayors to oppose the creation of shelters for the evicted of Calais throughout France, which they call “mini-Calais’s”, while the Government prepares the forced displacement of thousands of people, something unusual in peacetime (France has probably not practiced such movements since the end of the war in Algeria and in France itself since the end of World war II), and is looking to pass it off as a humanitarian operation.

If there will certainly be “mini Calais’s” all over France, it won’t be because of places to sleep, but because of racial profiling and arrests in stations to prevent those deported, whose project is still to go to the UK, from returning to Calais.

To prevent the failure of their operation, sensitive in this pre-election period, becoming big news, the government will have no choice but to expand throughout the national territory, the rights violations which are the daily life of Calais.

Vision of the near future: mini-Calais’s, and maxi-Karcher cleaning . Great, this presidential election,


The first humans to inhabit Europe were neanderthal men and women. Everyone who has arrived since are migrants. There is nothing perjorative in that, just choosing between the past and the future .