The British organization, Statewatch reveals that the European Union is about to sign, at the time of the conference of 4th and 5th October on Afghanistan in Brussels, an agreement with that country to boost voluntary and forced returns and the organization of charter flights. The agreement will take effect from the day of its signing, and evictions will be facilitated through the issuing of European laissez-passer.

This project was the subject of two notices from the European Union, the first dating from March:

This agreement will come into force to coincide with the destruction of the Calais shantytown which has been announced for the end of October, that people from Afghanistan are the second largest group in numbers among its inhabitants, and the Minister of Interior and the President of the Republic have announced the deportation from France of the people without “vocation” to stay.

It is to be compared with the Khartoum process regards East Africa, the readmission agreement between Italy and Sudan has already allowed for extremely rapid deportations