Once again on the 1st October on behalf of the state of emergency a solidarity demonstration was banned

Buses from Paris were blocked on the motorway car park at Setques, near St. Omer, about thirty kilometres from Calais.

The beginning of a demonstation was formed at the entrance of the Calais slum. It was blocked at the bridge under the port ring road before being dispersed with water cannon and tear gas.

It is urgent to restore freedom of expression in France.

Here is the statement issued by the organizers of the event:

« On Saturday 1 October, 14:45 SETQUES area, A26

Having taken note of the decision of the Administrative Court of Lille
Friday, September 30, we, the 177 people immobilized by
gendarmerie and the national police on the motorway service area, had
desired, following the call of the International Coalition of
Sans papiers and migrants, to go the “jungle” of Calais
to meet, discuss and express our solidarity with the migrants there.
We denounce this additional obstacle to freedoms in general and
especially the freedom of movement.
With this obstruction we note that the “jungle” of Calais has become,
due to the State, a zone of exclusion and of human rights violations.
Despite the immobilisation and threats and we remain mobilised and
determined. We are continuing the struggle for equal rights for all
for open borders and for the welcome in dignity of all migrants

Anzoumane Sissoko

ADIF (Italia), ATMF, BAAM, Caravana a Grecia (España), CGA région
parisienne, CISPM, Collectif La Chapelle debout!, Collectif Quid’Autre,
Collectifs sans papiers et sans droits 26/07, Conseil National Des
Citoyens Hexagone et Outre-Mer – CNDC, CNT, Coordination Rhône-Alpes des
CSSD Rhône-Alpes, CPSE, CRER (Belgique), CSP75, DIEL, Droits devant !!,
FASTI, Fédération de Paris du MRAP, Fédération SUD Éducation, Fondation
Frantz Fanon, Kâlî, Liste des Sans Voix 18ème, Movimento Migranti e
Rifugiati (Italia), NPA, Obrim Fronteres a Valencia (España), RSA
(España), Réseau pour une gauche décoloniale, RUSF université Paris 1,
SNPES-PJJ/FSU, Solidaires Pas-de-Calais, SUD Éducation Paris, Survie,
USB (Italia), Union Syndicale Solidaires… »


In the carpark at Setques, where the bus coming from Paris had just been blocked.


The demonstration at the entrance to the shantytown , blocked under the bridge of the  port bypass