Informed of the draft agreement between the EU and Afghanistan providing for the return of refugees, the Afghan Exiles in Paris are now reacting.

They have organized a demonstration today the 5th of October starting at 4pm,place de l’Alma to go to the Embassy of Afghanistan, 32 rue Raphael, a delegation will ask to be received.

The Exiles have expressed their views and demands in a video:

“Declaration of Afghan migrants”

” We are Afghan migrants.

We live in France and we want to stay there, but the European Union wants to send 80,000 people back to Afghanistan. People who came to Europe had to sell all of their assets to finance their trip. There is war in Afghanistan, and everyone is in danger.

Who will vouch for the lives of people that the EU returns to Afghanistan?

If an agreement is signed with the Islamic Party, there will be no peace in Afghanistan. On the contrary, the situation will worsen. Because of these parties, Afghanistan was fragmented. But the parties still continue the same political games of power, and Afghanistan will always remain fractured.
We struggled to get to Europe. We saw death. We want to live in peace, . We cannot return to our country. It’s war out there.

If it’s so quiet, why don’t the president, the chief executive, the ministers, and other powerful people, bring their families to Afghanistan?

We ask the International community to help Afghan migrants, and not to sign this agreement.

We ask the European people to teach us their languages as soon as possible.

At no cost will we go back to Afghanistan.

It was not easy to get to Europe. We risked our lives to cross each country

No agreement, no law will make us leave. “