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Thursday, October 6, the prefect of Pas-de-Calais asks associations to provide the identity of their volunteers present in the slum during the eviction. The prefecture clearly wishes to check the presence of people who may be witnessing what will happen.

Monday, February 29, 2016, first day of the destruction of the southern part of the slum (in French). A wide cordon of CRS prevents the south access to the slum and keeps journalists away. The sub-prefect briefs them on what to say, since they can not see. If testimonials and pictures spread out, it is because activists are there in the slum, and it is thanks to their presence that we can know what is really happening, and get evidence of the violence occurred during an expulsion which was already presented as a humanitarian operation (see here, here, here and here -in French).

The presence of witnesses is essential to know the truth of what is really happening (see here, here, here and here -all in French).

But the slum will not be the only “operating theater” – term borrowed from the military vocabulary, which fits the situation. Half of CRS “deployed” would be encharged to prevent migrants to relocate nearby, do controls, raid and “hunt” men across Calais for an indefinite time, since those forced onto buses and whose project is not to remain in France will come back (only in French, soon to be translated).

FR http://www.lci.fr/france/info-lci-comment-les-policiers-preparent-l-evacuation-de-la-jungle-de-calais-2006457.html

So it is all this whate we have to witness.

800px-les_chasseurs_dans_la_neige_pieter_brueghel_lancienBrueghel l’ancien : Les chasseurs dans la neige (The hunters in the snow).