Since February, Calais has been living in a state of emergency – or even more than before, the violence of the state having already pushed back the rule of law. Any critical event in relation to the migration policy of the government is prohibited on behalf of the state of emergency (see eg here, here and here).

The event organized by different groups, including the International Coordination of Undocumented Migrants and (CISPM) on October 1st in Calais was no exception (see here, here and here).

Refusing this de facto abolition of democracy, CISPM calls for a rally on Friday, October 14th at 16h, Place d’Armes in Calais.

The rally is the subject of a prohibition order, which the organizers have challenged before the Administrative Court, which will make a decision tonight or tomorrow morning. Pending the announcement CISPM is maintaining the rally.

Here is the call which was published:


OCTOBER 14, 2016 at 16h, Place D’Armes in CALAIS

The CISPM (International Coalition of Undocumented Migrants and) appeals to rally at the Place d’Armes in Calais on October 14th, 2016 at 16h to all residents present in Calais and all social forces to denounce:

* The social and economic isolation of the people of Calais, including those who are forced by state institutions to live in “the jungle”, namely migrants;

* Measures that are intended to lead us into a war between poor people of all cultural backgrounds but with similar needs (health, education, housing, healthy food, transport, environment …) and imposed by cynical political choices of the Troika (the European Commission , the IMF and ECB) to all the peoples in Europe;

* The policy of “divide and rule” on the back of migrants, used by politicians  electioneering purposes , without any concern for the long-term consequences it will cause in society and by the hateful divisions created between populations. This goes for the future of our children and future generations.

We want :

* A permanent reception solution, in France or in England, be offered to migrants from Calais to Paris but, as elsewhere in France, and also for those of Ventimiglia,

* That their files are treated humanely before the jungle is razed

* That the dismantlement scheduled to begin on October 17th, happens transparently, without evictions and violence: these women, these men and many minors have suffered enough before and during their migratory journey, including in Calais.With a 55 year gap , a “remake” of October 17th, 1961 cannot in any event occur.

* We will continue the fight against anti-migrant  and antisocial policies conducted in France and throughout Europe and are more determined than ever, in connection with all social forces animated by the values of solidarity and social justice, for freedom of movement and installation of all everywhere, as an alternative to repressive measures and anti-social austerity policies and against a Europe of walls, barbed wire and exclusion of any kind. ”