Norrent-Fontes shantytown, near a motorway car park before Calais, inland, was the subject of a request for eviction from the town, a part owner of the land where it is located, as well as private owners of the other party (see here, here, here and here).

The court in Bethune, lodged an urgent application (an emergency procedure) rejecting the request for eviction. It felt on the one hand that there is no urgency to evict as the camp has existed at this location for several years, and the owners have no projects for the land. He further submitted that the ownership of the land that were used was less important than the damage caused to those living at the camp who are without solution if evicted, which would make their situation even more precarious. The Defender of Rights had volunteered to be involved in proceedings.

A victory that avoids the worst, but lets a shameful situation endure.


Wall of one of the huts of the shantytown at Norrent-Fontes – photo Terre d’Errance