To facilitate the final eviction mount the pressure to bring as many people to self-evict  themselves,

The pressure had mounted in recent weeks, with an increase in racial profiling and arrests in train stations, fingerprinting, sometimes forcibly, an increase of the use of detention (the capacity of the Coquelles detention centre, near Calais, has been increased by 20 places) and evictions, a quota of 80 arrests per day in Calais has been decided by the government.

The raids will increase from next week. The administrative detention centre of Hendaye near the Spanish border, which was closed, will reopen next Tuesday to “welcome” the Exiles arrested in Calais. More broadly, all detention centres in France will have the priority to lock up and probably deport people transferred from Calais.

One year ago when the interior minister visited Calais he announced the creation of “respite centres” (see here and here), which would later be renamed  Reception and Orientation centres (see here, here, here and here), daily roundups of Exiles began, 50 a day were sent to detention centres throughout France (see here and here). It lasted two months. It is this pattern that will be restarted from next week. On one side many more “voluntary” departures to Reception and Orientation centres and on the other police raids and placements in detention centres throughout France, probably on a larger scale than last year ( the presidential campaign requires showing that they are capable), and probably much more effective deportations, particularly to countries of origin. The new agreement between the EU and Afghanistan and the progress made with the Khartoum process should allow for that.

Postponing the announced date of the eviction of the shantytown, as announced in the media, thus benefits the government. Faced with the threat of arrests and placements in detention, Exiles are leaving the shantytown of their own accord , a movement that has already begun, while the government has a priori failed to mobilize enough accommodation places in CAO. And a significant logistical detail, from Wednesday, 19th October school holidays will allow the requisition of coaches allocated for school transport, essential to transport within days ten thousand people throughout France.

Sign of the decomposition of the associative landscape in this context, the President of the SALAM association stated “we have trust” in the operation conducted by the government.