On the night of July 25th and 26th, an Ethiopian exile died from a stab wound received during a fight in the slum. Associations and support collectives to the Exiles have decided to make a gathering the day after the news of each death at the border, so a rally was held on July 27th at the Richelieu Park.

This time the gathering was prohibited on behalf of the state of emergency, like every event in Calais which questions the migration policy of the government.

Even when it comes to honoring the dead.

A participant in the rally was arrested. She will pass on trial on Tuesday, October 18th at the court of Boulogne / Mer.


Things did not stop there. She reported to the police who arrested her that she had a penknife in her bag. It became an additional charge to carry against her, carrying a weapon with intent.

The day after her arrest, an unsigned article in the Nord Littoral newspaper about “a primary school teacher arrested with a knife” with the gloss an ultra-left armed teacher participated in a banned rally. The anonymous journalist could only have been informed of the arrest and custody by unscrupulous policemen.

Local fachosphere seized on the news and began looking for the “primary teacher with a knife,” her name, her school, to obtain her dismissal from Education Nationale.

While studying her file to prepare her defense, she found she has a fiche S, these cards on held on people concern people wanted for threatening state security. Specifically, she is a trade unionist, involved in supporting Exiles, and a member of the French Communist Party.

We don’t know what is the breach of State security, nor which of us can have a Fiche S.

According to the Minister of Education, being registered Fiche S means immediate suspension and a disciplinary procedure to obtain immediate exclusion.

A communist senator and a senator questioned Interior Minister about the situation. The Minister did not answer,so being communist, a trade unionist or showing solidarity with the Exiles, is worthy of exclusion from Education Nationale.

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