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Pending the start date of the destruction of Calais shantytown, but also the judgment of the Administrative Court regarding the eviction, the police scheme in preparation runs into that of the Minors that the United Kingdom is accepting one by one to give a humanitarian veneer to the operation.



Update 18/10/2016: The Administrative Court has rejected the request of associations against the eviction of the Northern part of the shantytown.

http://www.lemonde.fr/immigration-et-diversite/article/2016/10/18/la-justice-rejette-la-requete-des-associations-contre-le-demantelement-de-la-jungle- de-calais_5015826_1654200.html

Besides confirming that people who receive an Obligation to Leave French Territory (OQTF), either during arrests and raids in Calais or elsewhere, or because, their asylum application having been rejected will be deported from the country on their arrival in  Reception and Orientation centres(see here, here, here and here), we learn that a “mobile police station” will be set up for people who refuse to board the buses. Probably also for volunteers who may be found in the shantytown and are not on the list of names given by certain associations.

Starting from the shantytown, a row of video surveillance cameras are now clinging to lampposts along the Rue des Garennes. This leads to a large hangar which has been guarded for several days by police or gendarmes. Military tents have been seen inside. It is not known if this is the famous mobile police station,or if its a waiting room to be sent to the Reception and Orientation centres, or a Local Administrative Detention Centre (LRA) created for the occasion. The Administrative Detention centres are premises in which foreigners can be held for up to 48 hours pending their deportation or transfer to an Administrative Detention Centre where they can then be locked up for longer. There is no legal support in the LRA, knowing that the time needed to contest an OQTF is itself also 48 hours.

Yesterday; Monday, the police came to put notices in the shantytown’s shops and restaurants regarding the judgment of the Conseil D’Etat concerning them. The Prefecture had asked the Lille tribunal for the eviction and the destruction the shops and restaurants, which the court then refused (see here, here, here and here). The Prefecture later appealed, and the Conseil D’Etat has overturned the decision of the tribunal. The occupants of the shops and restaurants must now evacuate them within 48 hours of the notices going up, and then their premises can be destroyed.

You can download the decision of judgement of the Conseil d’État here.