First we had the “No Borders,” held responsible for all tensions by the authorities, in a curious reversal. It is thanks to their careful observation of police violence that the Rights Defender was seized for the first time in 2011 on the situation in Calais, before being once again in 2015, by a broader range of associations. By repeatedly hammering the same message the authorities are trying to convince that the violent ones are the activists of this movement.

There was the “ultra-left” associated with “no borders”, particularly during attempts to pass, quite spectacular as well as the police reaction that followed on the ring road access to the port early November 2015 (see here, here, here and here).

Now there are the “zadistes” one of the designated targets of Public prosecutors of the circular of 20 September 2016 of the Ministry of Justice.

The local press devoted a full page in its print edition to this new subject:

There really are people involved in the fight against the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes who come to Calais, sometimes and for several years (see here, here and here). But there are also names that are waved around to feed fantasies and fears, and thus make acceptable the police actions which will be in place for the eviction of the ten thousand inhabitants of the shantytown and so that its destruction can be done without witnesses, so that nothing disturbs the media staging planned by the government.

The teachers of modern languages of Calais, so the German, English, Spanish, Italian, teachers have been solicited via the establishments administrations to make themselves available to the Calais police for the eviction:
Under the proposed dismantling of the Lande migrant camp, the State services would ask during this period (date and time yet undetermined) for the voluntary participation of language teachers (English, German, Spanish and Italian) as translators.
This participation will be paid.
It is possible for you to relay this information to your staff.

Bien cordialement,

– Last name and first name
– Date and place of birth
– Address and phone number
– Mail address
The answers are to be transmitted quickly to the B / C POMART and Major DAMMAN at the following address:

Thank you for your cooperation,
Best regards,

B / C POMART Mary Major and Bruno DAMMAN
Prevention unit
Calais Police Station ”

A strong protest of unions led to discontinuation of this project, which nevertheless marks the extent of the will to dominate by the Interior Ministry all public services and their agents.

You can download the union’s press release here.

In view of the languages concerned, this would not have been for translations in the direction of the Exiles, but the activists from different European countries who will be arrested during the eviction.

Some associations who approved the Government eviction plan a few weeks also go in for a particularly violent stigmatization of activists that could match this caricature of  “the Zadists”, which demonstrates the associative antagonism  that has exploded onto the landscape. For example this comment by Auberge des Migrants on the page of their association:

“And today, characters, out of nowhere, sipping tea on the mounds of sand, prohibiting journalists from taking pictures, even wide shots of the camp” “We do not show the misery, “” it is the police violence you need to shoot.” parasites who arrived recently, imposing their will arbitrarily , like the cops at the camp entrance. ”

It is in this context that some militants will try, facing a Police operation which will doubtless take them as the first target,to really show what is this eviction operation that the government describes as “humanitarian”.