one example

Gare du Nord, Paris, Saturday, October 22, one example among many:

“Racial profiling at Gare du Nord at 9:46 am for the train to Calais. All persons having a “foreign” complexion pulled out of the queue and controlled: ticket, identity card, baggage search, small interrogation … just enough time to miss their train. Many people left to go back home.

Mickael filmed and photographed this control. He was arrested and taken to the police station at the Gare du Nord. There they took his laptop without his consent, and erased the videos and photos. Of course with no written, procès verbal to recorded his arrest,  then Mickael was thrown out of Gare du Nord surrounded by 5 policemen. ”
Gare du nord, Paris, Saturday 22 October, one example among many :

Hazebrouck station for several weeks:

“It’s been at least 3 weeks that the Exiles at the Norrent Fontes camp are being arrested daily and in numbers in Hazebrouck and Calais stations sometimes by the PAF or the police. They are questioned about their identity on site or later at the Police station for fingerprinting. Often they are released in the evening with or without a procès verbal.
Sometimes it goes further: an Ethiopian was placed in the CRA at Coquelles then Oissel and eventually sent back to Italy on Monday and received a Sudanese OQTF with an attempt to send him to Sudan, which has has since been canceled.

The questions of the Exiles are:
what are the different fingerprints taken? Apparently sometimes just a thumb is requested, sometimes several fingers.
“Before we (volunteers) always told them that it was only a fingerprint taken to see if they were criminals?, and to check if they had prints on EURODAC. But the climate is increasingly threatening I would like to be a little safer for my words. More and more often, they try to refuse the fingerprinting, it ends more or less well: for example, one of them was hit by the police, another was released but received a summons for the court in Boulogne, another was kept for more than 13 hours in a CRA …
The PASS they were given does not for the time being protect them, no lawyer was contacted, the police mostly ignore or destroy it. “

(PASS is a document distributed by the associations to help exiles to claim their rights in case of arrest).

Gare Calais town, Saturday, October 22nd:

An activist group came to inform travellers about the daily racial profiling checks and to observe the police action. A leaflet was distributed:

“Every day of racial profiling is carried out in stations by police.

People identified as “migrants” are intercepted on arrival of trains, on platforms or in the lobby of the station or are denied access to trains and sometimes arrested, in Paris, Lille, Hazebrouck, in Dunkerque, Calais and elsewhere.

These practices are illegal.

Since the announcement of the destruction of the “Jungle” in Calais, here before our eyes the police are intensifying these checks in stations, on the streets, and in the parks.

If you witness an attitude regarding the segregation of some people,or violent or aggressive behavior from the police, try to photograph or even better film and write a precise testimony of what you saw ( place, date and time, police officers involved, description of facts) and seize the Rights Defender : ”

Someone who was filming the police in the exercise of their function received an identity check. Two people who quietly asked why, were lined up against the wall, searched, and taken to the police station for an “identity check” without the Police having asked for their identity beforehand. They were released within an hour . The will to intimidate and to identify activists.