A strange atmosphere in the shantytown for the last evening before the start of the eviction, like a party atmosphere, with music and laughter, but we can feel that it hides emotion that shows on some faces, on the verge of tears. We wait, as on the eve of something. Attempts to pass will be later on in the night. Hesitations, thinking better of it, decisions, what to do.People are on the hill facing the ring road and the police, who soon started bombarding the shantytown with tear gas for the last evening.

An order was posted at the entrance of the slum which introduced a “protection zone” where entrance will be on accreditation. Any person not respecting these provisions is liable on behalf of the state of emergency to 6 months imprisonment and a 7,500 € fine.

You can download the order here.





here is a witness from the Polyvalence association , who was one of the key witnesses of the destruction of the southern part in March


Lots of journalists, lots of CRS. The camp was sealed off at midnight tonight. Bulldozers are ordered for Tuesday. On the way, dozens of riot police trucks. In the camp, the shops are selling at bargain prices, “one euro! one euro! jungle finished! ”

I arrive at Sami, he’s happy to see me. Volunteers also present recognize me, “Oh, Polyvalence! “. This is the last day of the Jungle. Tomorrow, the dismantling begins.

journalists are standing in front of the arrete prefectural. With CRS. Everyone takes pictures. Well, me too. The order is posted

shots (tear gas firing ) on the band of 100 meters.

Police firing from outside to the inside of the camp.


CRS are posted on the  100 meters no mans land. Some exiles from the dunes of the Jungle, throw stones at them. The CRS respond by sending the tear gas inside the main aisle and stifle the people eating, walking …
Some Afghan (?) Are angry (…) and are armed. They steal phones from individuals. I look at them. We look at each other. I look like an of Afghan or Kurd. In any case, no one took my phone. As soon as I left the 100 metre band to go to charge my telephone in the jungle, I saw the guys trying to sell the stolen phones.
In war as in war …


Journalists who have never set foot in the Jungle and who are there for the buzz push the people who have supported the camp for months. The CRS watch, I say “yes hello, how are you? ” one of them tells me that is full, that it is useless.

I told him he should not mix everything, we are not there to do a fly on the wall job to get on TV. He said “pff, it is useless.” And then, nothing ..

The Exiles are angry and throw stones at journalists.

I wanted to charge my phone at Sami’s restaurant.
Sami, I met him several months ago, for his testimony.
It was closed, I knocked, he recognized me and opened the door. He “said I locked the doors, it’s too fucked up outside ” and offered me tea.
I was with five Afghan. We discussed their “projects”.
They said “Fuck England,” we are leaving, we won’t take the bus.
We will look for places in France.
They took out a map and asked me to show them where to go.

I said, in the north, it’s cold and there are fascists. In the South too, but it’s nicer. There are cool cities, Rennes, Lyon. And small regions like Nantes.
They asked me to explain about the labour market.
I explained to them the laws.
After that we laughed a bit, they asked me how chat up the girls and showed me a porno film.
I said that I was sleeping at Moussa’s place, my Sudanese friend.

They said, oh yeah, he is cool, we know him.
Are there any girls? I said , you are five great guys, you will be well received … but come on, if I find a party and girls, I will come back and get you.
As Sami opened the back door, I talked with him a bit, he said “I’ll take the bus, I will go in their CAO and I then will see …”.
I am at Moussa’s place with other Sudanese. They speak Arabic, translated by Moussa. They ask me what will happen. Buses, CAO. They have not really been informed. I am not the best but I try to explain to them. We are going to sleep. I’m cold.