Looks that turn around, some prevented from entering, others which come from outside and are released into the press room. And others who leave the shantytown alongside the Exiles, that tell of the walk to the buses, the shared moments, the queue, the police presence, the barriers to channel people because the scheme creates a crowd, the lack of humanity of this non-reception, the participation of the associations in the evacuation, these hints of the past, a past that disappears with the disappearance of the survivors … the Interior Minister said that the OQTF of those arriving in CAO (Centres d’Accueil sic and orientation) would be executed. OQTF: Obligation to Leave French Territory. The – PAF: the Border Police – of Calais generously distributes OQTF to Afghanistan, to Sudan, to where are we taking them…towards Kabul towards Khartoum? Is that what we agree to?

Following the story of the Polyvalence association.

7:00: We wake up gently, the helicopters fly over the camp. Queues for departures in the buses start.

I just help a man carry his caddy to the bridge for departures under the gaze of the cameras already in the Jungle.

8:00 :the CRS are in place.
the Buses too.
Police and helicopters continue their rides, a lot of press already. I watch out, I have no right to be there, so I stay a bit out of sight ..at 8 am I expect it will be quieter.

The Exiles go to the buses. There are too many journalists on their way filming wide angle even if they say “no, no please.”
They film in secret, saying they are not filming or they invent their stories

Along the way, some Exiles move forward with their suitcases, one carries a football under his arm, another perfumes himself while walking.
I meet volunteers that I know well.

It’s hard enough psychologically eh .. to see guys going like that, I wonder where I am.This morning I said goodbye to Moussa and good luck.

An American journalist is recharging in the restaurant where I am. Suddenly the generator stops and  there’s no more electricity. The Afghan man told her I don’t have any more oil for it to work more. Then she moan and says I need my telephone, so then I say you’re a journalist, go into your hut which was set up for you, there’s juice paid for by the government, here you are taking it free from the Exiles.

Noon: there are no more restaurants. I warm myself near a small fire and one Afghan gave me food.



14h30: 1051 people left in buses.


Dear everyone,
It’s over. I will not sleep in the Jungle tonight. There are still the Exiles who could not leave today, those who oppose the dismantling and do not want to get on the buses. I do not think it is very interesting to turn around to film the arrival of bulldozers tomorrow morning. I will bother them. I do not want to. They were welcoming, they gave me something to eat, they opened their doors to me and showed me secret passages. And thanked me for being there for them.
I thank them for everything, wish them well, tell them I’m sorry. I did it. I would do it again.
I thank the volunteers and the independents, their tricks and advice in the field. And I thank you for your support here.
For messages of support and donations to the pot . We will sort everything, upload it, publish it. Continue sharing!
I just attended an evacuation. It’s terrible. But it does not change a thing, we’ll continue in Paris. We’ll be there, you are there too. Thank you.