Latest news: a women’s demonstration at the center Jules Ferry is underway. They are heading to the hangar , a place for sorting and registration of persons in the context of the evacuation with a banner calling for the protection of the United Kingdom.

While 70 police vans, accompanied by reporters, just closed in the shantytown to start the evacuation, the evacuation program implemented by the government this morning descended into chaos.

For months, people wanting to go to Reception and Orientation centers(CAO – see here, here, here and here) have been facing a shortage of places and an unworthy management of this situation. Specifically,for each bus departure for forty or fifty people, one hundred and fifty to two hundred wait, having slept on the pavement , sorting is done through racial profiling and those left behind are being chased away by police. Add to that the stress of the eviction, and the confusion in which the minors are being tossed between conflicting decisions.

The minors were particularly rebellious yesterday and strongly challenged the associations that until until now followed their situation and who are helpless before the incoherence of the system put in place by the authorities.

The long queue outside the hangar for sorting and registration for going to the CAO and CAO MIE (CAO Isolated foreign minors ) is rough, turning into scrambles and fights. The Prefect cancelled this morning’s press conference and CRS were sent in strength – this is obviously the only means provided by the authorities to deal with minors.

The situation is even more tense for the authorities that the Controller General of Places of Deprivation of Liberty, an independent authority, is present in the hangar and questions the scheme. It seems that people who are entering the hangar are no longer free to leave other than in buses they cannot depart during the stops of the journey and are therefore deprived of freedom outside all legality.

Faced with this deteriorating situation, the High Commissioner for Refugees, which is present as an observer, has decided to withdraw, as it did in Greece from the hot-spots implemented by the Greek government and the European Union.

The system set up by the authorities has imploded through its own inconsistencies, the indignity of the recording conditions, poor organization and multiple negation of rights.
The publicized show of force starting this afternoon will come to cover this failure, violence appears to the authorities as the ultimate means to appear in control.


Yesterday Monday, the CRS “handling” the  minors.