The “voluntary” departures under threat, have begun to dry up, and especially the chaotic organization of the scheme has begun to come dangerously close to implosion.

so we spent this afternoon in forceful eviction and destruction mode. Some seventy vans of riot police, accompanied by other police varieties (the PAF and the BAC) surrounded the shantytown and expelled the inhabitants from the first sector, which was immediately destroyed.

Access to the shantytown was banned to the press, despite the guarantees given by the prefecture.



This afternoon, riot police forced the people waiting to be registered at the sorting shed where there are departures to the centers Reception and Orientation (CAO – here, here, here and here) to sit on the ground for better control. At 16h it was announced that there would be no more departures today. No chance for the people whose huts had been destroyed.

But it is the minor who are being the worst most violently, and this from the beginning. First we will stop writing about minors, because the pretext that some minors were accepted in the UK last week for family reunification, which has completely disappeared from the viewfinder. If the authorities are not concerned about them. They are still there, but invisible for the moment.

Minors. So there is this long a queue to access the hangar where the sorting is done for departure to CAO and CAO MIE (Isolated foreign Minors). There is an initial screening of minors by racial and age profiling , thou art minor, thou art major. Then an interview of less than five minutes (long queue) by an employee of France Terre d’Asile and a British official to confirm minority, and guide. Minors who report having family in the UK will remain in the container camp, adjacent to the shantytown until the British authorities decide on their fate. Others go to CAO MIE.

But to put containers of minors in the camp places had to be freed up, since there were already people in the containers. So riot police were sent to evict them. But among those evicted there were minors who found themselves homeless and had to go to register in the container camp.



And then there was a time when there were too many children and not enough free places, while one hundred and fifty minors had to sleep on the floor in the common areas of the container camp. And then there are the minors who were already in a process of family reunification in the UK, which were still queuing to be registered again and have access to the container camp, but have not necessarily been recognized as minors , who are not allowed in the containers, and no longer know where they are. Minors who were followed by an association that has lost track of them in the chaos. There are minors who call the associations because, they need to understand what is happening to them, because they are lost, in need of landmarks. Because they are considered major and forced to board a bus to a destination they have not understood.

So this morning the young people were outraged by what they perceived as unfair. Tensions rose, the CRS were called as a response to the perceived injustice of these young people. In the hangar, they beat them with truncheon on the thighs and knees, out of sight of journalists.

That night, It was the mosques of the slum which opened their doors to homeless children. Their community watching over them. Until the bulldozers destroy everything.



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The exiles. Photos : association Polyvalence.