Witnesses spoke of arrest: minors who were sleeping in front of the container camp, next to the shantytown, in the shantytown itself and in the l’École Laïque du Chemin des Dunes, which survived the destruction of the southern part of the shantytown, and were taken this morning by will or by force by the police, as shown in this video taken by Help Refugees:

It seems they are being sent to the CAO MIE to the Reception and Orientation centres (see here, here, here and here) for Isolated foreigners minors , everywhere in France.

So that’s good, except the way they were taken, except that … except that initially the minors had to be divided between those who say they have family in the UK, hosted in the container camp (and not sleeping in front of it) pending the processing of their application for family reunification by the British authorities, and others sent to CAO MIE.

Neither the camp nor the containers are CAO MIE structures adapted to receive minors, and all this is happening in the greatest illegality. But at least there was a semblance of coherence. The containers are being filled, then the other minors are taken to centres throughout France, without any information regarding what happens to them next.

This morning things seem chaotic. Excavators are destroying shelters. People waiting outside of the CAP, tiredness and despair on their faces. A group of minors riding on bicycles, joking around. Others look to go to the great wasteland, what has become of the former southern area of the shantytown. Others arrive with their luggage, in Paris or elsewhere.

When the police picked up the minors who were sleeping in the Ecole Laique de Chemin des Dunes, two volunteers who were present were also arrested. Later in the morning, a press conference was held near the shantytown, particularly on the subject of denying access to the operations. Several people tried to enter the perimeter,and three were arrested.

Also this morning, the Police informed the few hundred people who had slept in the shantytown that they had a choice from CAO or be arrested and sent to detention. A group has already been transferred to the Coquelles detention centre and one to Strasbourg, and another sent directly to that of Vincennes.

Arrests have also started in the town.


Coquelles, its shopping centre, it’s commissariat of the police aux frontières, it’s salle de tribunal for audiences linked to the detention centre, and it’s fences around the tunnel’s perimeter.