At the moment when the prefect of Pas-de-Calais said to BFMTV that there is nobody in the shantytown, SEVERAL hundred people at least are still there. Many text messages circulated throughout the night and morning saying that they are “white” (Understand Europeans)who are starting the fires that are multiplying, putting into danger during this period of tension the activists on the site . Therefore many- have left the scene in the morning, it is the objective of the authorities: No witnesses similarly, announcing the shantytown is empty, telling reporters “you can go, there is nothing more to see.”
Vans used for the arrests were seen rolling in the direction of the shantytown. The forced expulsion has begun, the looks from outside aren’t wanted. Already yesterday, when journalists were denied entry to the slum, and this morning, the eviction was done with tear gas. Arrests are now likely.

Everyone is trying to have news of their friends and acquaintances remaining inside, and anxiety is great.

This morning, Sudanese exiles .Was to be deported to Sudan from Metz detention centre. It was his 45th (and last by law) day in detention. He was arrested, this-even before the evacuation of shantytown of Calais began, aimed as a warning signal that must be taken into account.

With the end of the evacuation of the shantytown, maybe today or tomorrow, there will probably begin raids in and around Calais, an unknown number of people having been scattered around.

So things have really just begun