Officially everything is sorted .Just a few people to put on the bus, and all the minors are safe. As are those who slept under a bridge last night, or the Afghan teenagers we met this morning in town.
This morning, the women with children were demonstrating again, demanding “UK help us.”

The recording of the last minors (Apparently there were 300 minors still unregistered at midday) seems to pose a problem , and the prefecture obviously wants to make the scandalous practices of recent days less visible..

The statement from the prefecture gives a special definition of the eviction of several thousand people who remain in the slum and the destruction of the living space of their precarious lives: “Since Tuesday, October 25th, a cleaning company is operating in the Lande camp to evacuate the areas left waste free by the migrants. ”

According to the statement there were 5604 people taken away, and 233 were received in the UK of the 8143 counted in mid-October.

Strangely enough, of the 1,291 unaccompanied minors identified in mid-October. 1200 (rounded down ?) who would have been welcomed in the container camp, 233 were admitted to the UK, which makes 1433, and none will have been sent to centres for children in France (CAO MIE) ? What about the some 300 still unregistered at midday ?

Regarding minors, The state does not seem to know very much. Pity.


Yesterday Tuesday the enclosure for minors.