Since the first exiles were noticed wandering in the streets of Calais or sleeping in the ferry terminal in the 1980s and 1990s, a part of the Calais population has expressed its solidarity and support for those lost on the border.

After the parenthesis of the Sangatte Centre (1999 to 2002), the Exiles were again found sheltering in bunkers or abandoned buildings, under tarpaulins, tents or in shelters in wastelands and wood, hunted by police. Again the Calaisien solidarity were mobilized.

Since spring 2015, the removal and the pushing of Exiles together in on place – who have been grouped beyond the bypass ring road, the arrival of international NGO’s and volunteers from all over Europe, the funding of a day centre by the state and a container camp could have made belief that the solidarity of the inhabitants of Calais was less useful.

Today, the shantytown of Calais is destroyed, the day centre and the container camp are promised to be closed and the Exiles are sleeping rough in the streets and parks, or in the shelters and they are being hunted by the police.

Again it is to us, living in Calais and in surrounding areas to provide help and support to these wandering people

Pentax Digital Camera

Calais,  July 2014, after the  evictions


Calais, Yesterday after the eviction of the shantytown