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Yesterday, Saint-Pierre Park, around 15h. A police car patrols the streets. It passes in front of people sitting on some benches. Then meets two boys, they could be 15 or 16 years old, and there it stops. The youth faces may suggest a foreign origin. Identity check, long discussion, the young two say they were going to join some friends on a bench a little further. Body-search done. The police eventually let them go. People whose faces don’t look as from other countries pass by, one stops to watch the control. These people are not controlled.

Later, a few hundred meters away. Four people living in Calais, and whose faces may suggest them having a foreign origin, are controlled and arrested. A few minutes later, among the people walking on the sidewalk that leads to the station, the police stop one, whose face may suggest a foreign origin , who has papers and who the police let go.

Etc., etc…

Police, with multiplied units, patrols throughout the city with the task of doing systematic racial-profiling controls. For the inhabitants of Calais whose face suggests they could have a foreign origin, that means up to 6, 7, 8 10 identity checks every day, with the risk of being arrested for having forgot the papers at home.

All this will last until the government, for reasons of pre-election campaign, will consider necessary and good to maintain pressure to make Calais look empty of “migrants” (migrantenrein?)

Tomorrow, the Islamophobic movement Pegida France, who preaches a mobilization against the invasion and says that the genocide of the white race has began, announced a demonstration in Calais.