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After the destruction of the slum last week and early this week, the expulsion of people from the containers camp held by the government yesterday (see here and here). All actions were completed today with the eviction of the place that sheltered women and children in the Jules Ferry centre.

First to leave have been single women with children, then families with a man or a teenager amongst them, following the measures taken yesterday for families with a male member still present in Calais, in order to go to the same center. But there are also husbands, friends, brothers, sons, who left last week, and nothing has been planned for these families to be reunited.

After, only women and underage girls were left. Almost all declared to be minors. There, even if there was not sorting based on the age as happened last week, first women on the line got on the bus to the Welcome and Orientation Center (CAO – see here, here, here and here) for minors. To the others, it was explained that since there was no more room they were going to the centers for adults.

Highlight of the morning, it was necessary to find at the end fifteen Oromo women to send them to a centre with other Oromos, probably for an advertising campaign about France, the generous land of welcoming for the Oromo people, who are facing the repression of the Ethiopian government (see here and here in French, other links in EN can be found on the web), as it happened last year for Eritrean people (in French). Fifteen women were thus chosen to board on the bus for the Oromos.