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Migrants in Calais and at the borders

October 8 to November 7 2016

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In a month has been prepared and held the destruction of the equivalent of a small town of ten thousand inhabitants and the forced displacement of its population. Beyond the police deployment and the repressive framework proceeding from the state of emergency, the question that remains both in terms of our history and about the way we move into the future, is that of the consent to this. Consent to the media celebration attracting hundreds of journalists a large majority of whom came to show what the government had chosen to give them to see. Consent of associations involvement in the very heart of the eviction’s mechanism.

The trickery is not enough to suffice to explain the adhesion, the destruction then taking the mask of a humanitarian operation in a carnivalesque reversal of values. The celebration of which we have witnessed is rather that of the destruction of the self-built, the crushing of the freedom to choose their future for the thousands of people, taken in buses to destinations unknown, the omnipotence of the white man transmuting this annihilation into salvation. Illusory omnipotence, which cannot resist the erosion of the reality, the celebration of which must be renewed constantly, by sacrificial destruction and incantatory fences.

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