A demonstrator was arrested in Calais on July 27th at a rally in honor of the death of an Exile at the border, banned in the name of the state of emergency. She is being prosecuted, the hearing scheduled for 16th October, was postponed to 29th November.

On 6th of August in Paris a demo was organized to denounce daily police violence against the Exiles. The rally was authorized, but two people accompanying a group of Exiles group were arrested and accused of participating in an illegal demonstration. Their trial will take place tomorrow Wednesday at the High Court of Paris.

A support rally is organized at Place du Châtelet from 9h to 14h.

A petition is also being circulated:

https://www.change.org/p/procureur-de-la-r%C3%A9publique-du-tgi-de-paris-non-au-d%C3%A9lit-de-solidarit%C3%A9- release-to-aub% C3% A9pine-and-houssam

October 26, Gaspar Gianz, a Taranis News reporter was stopped in Calais while covering the destruction of the shantytown. He made three requests for accreditation, which the prefecture did not respond to, but she sent him invitations to press points. presence without accreditation is prohibited within the scope of operations on behalf of the state of emergency. Other indictments followed over the time of his 33 hours in custody. House arrest in Strasbourg and banned from the Pas-de-Calais, he is in fact unable to do his job.

He is not there to speak of an offence of solidarity, but interference with freedom of the press.


This is in line with the Ministry of Justice policy, and the circular of the 20th September “on the fight against crimes committed during demonstrations and other collective movements” which he sent to prosecutors and for information to the criminal courts, which presents the various tools available to suppress protest of government policy, including the use of state of emergency.


View of Paris, The Bastille