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While the destruction of Calais shantytown puts on its humanitarian mask, arrests and transfers to various detention centers are intensifying.

Thus, 24 people were transferred from Calais to the Vincennes detention center on 26 October, followed by 12 other on the 28th.

Among them, three Sudanese nationals were presented to the Sudanese embassy to obtain the laissez-passer for their deportation, and flights are scheduled on November 17 via Doha and on the 19th direct to Khartoum.

Please contact the prefect of Pas-de-Calais to ask her to cancel her deportation and detention order:

by phone : 0033.(0)

by fax : 00033.(0)

by the online form on the préfecture website: http://www.pas-de-calais.gouv.fr/Contactez-nous

To write to the government and the people in charge in the ministerial offices:

jean-pierre.jouyet@elysee.fr, sylvie.hubac@elysee.fr, premier-ministre@pm.gouv.fr, manuel.valls@pm.gouv.fr, bernard.cazeneuve@interieur.gouv.fr, thierry.lataste@interieur.gouv.fr, eric.morvan@interieur.gouv.fr, pierre-antoine.molina@interieur.gouv.fr, gabriel.kunde@interieur.gouv.fr, sec.chefcab@interieur.gouv.fr, raphael.sodini@interieur.gouv.fr, muriel.nguyen@interieur.gouv.fr, luc.derepas@interieur.gouv.fr



Drawing by Paul Gendrot.