The Administrative Court rejected Baker’s motion to have Sudan annulled as a country of deportation (see here, here, here and there). A flight is scheduled this evening for his deportation. The last two appeals filed will be heard afterwards and do not suspend the deportation. In view of the contempt of the Ministry of the Interior for the judicial institution, it is unlikely that the deportation will be delayed until the judges decide.

The flight is scheduled at 21:20 with change to Doha, by Qatar Airways.

You can, urgently:

Send emails to the Minister of the Interior to ask him to cancel the deportation

Call Qatar Airways to ask them not to take this passenger because of the risk of arrest and torture upon arrival in Sudan: 0143.12.84.40 office hours 8am to 6pm

As Amnesty International reminds us: “Security guards systematically interrogate those returned to Sudan. These services have often been responsible for serious violations of human rights, such as the use of arbitrary detention, torture and ill-treatment. ”