Baker refused to board the plane last night to Sudan via Doha. He was not forced to embark, as is often the case with a first attempt at deportation, but things may well become more muscular for other attempts. This respite should make it possible for the last legal actions that were started to be heard, since the government did not consider it necessary to defer the deportation to await the decision of the judges (see previous episodes here, here, here and there) .

In the meantime, it is important to maintain the pressure on the actors involved:

The Minister of the Interior, responsible for such a dreadful decision: you can write to him:

The Prefect of Pas-de-Calais, the taker of the decision and who can annul it:

By phone:

By fax:

On the form of the Prefecture: us

The company Qatar Airways, with which the flights are reserved for the deportation. You can call your Paris branch or go there to explain your point of view vis-à-vis their participation in these deportations.

Qatar Airways, Paris Agency, 19 rue de Ponthieu, 75008 Paris, France, 01 43 12 84 40

You can also contact them on facebook:

Qatar Airways is one of the not so many airlines serving Khartoum airport. It is also one of the very few that serve Asmara, the capital of Eritrea. Its role in deportations should therefore increase with the development of the Khartoum process between the European Union and the East African States and the readmission agreements with Sudan.

It is a company that pays particular attention to its image, highlighting its “social projects”

Its “environmental consciousness”

Its “rewards”:

Or the unforgettable experience of the transfer by Doha International Airport:

Its CEO, Akbar Al-Baker, was made an officer of the Legion of Honor by François Hollande on June 5th, 2015.

An image incompatible with sending deported people to the jails of the Sudanese dictatorship.

To argue, you can build on the findings of Amnesty International: