The risk of deportation to the Sudan of people arrested during the destruction of the Calais slum was finally limited to a few people sent to the Vincennes detention center (see here, here, here and there).

Baker, who had a scheduled flight to Sudan on 22 October, refused to embark. He has since filed a claim for asylum in detention. This is an accelerated procedure, which does not imply his release. The application must normally be filed during the first five days of detention, but to comply with European legislation at a minimum, French law has evolved and provides that exceptionally an application made after that time may be admissible. In any case that of Baker was considered as receivable by OFPRA, he has had a rather long interview, and is awaiting the answer – positive or negative. In the latter case he may appeal.

If he does not, he can still be deported. It is therefore important to remain vigilant.

We note in passing the absurd situation of a person whom the authorities want to deport and who is forced by those same authorities to seek asylum in France while his plan was to leave for the United Kingdom


Giorgio de Chirico : the Enigma of time