Solidarity can be suppressed under different charges, and trials multiply, not only in France (see here, here and there).

Wednesday, July 27th, a rally was planned in hommage to an Exile who had died the day before. Given the increase in the number of deaths at the border, it was an inter-associative decision to hold this kind of gathering, by refusing to trivialize these deaths. This one was forbidden by the prefect of Pas-de-Calais in the name of the state of emergency. The people who came to the rally dispersed, but one of them was arrested rather brutally. Arriving at the police station, she spontaneously declared that she had a penknife in her bag. Police interpretation: rebellion, carrying a weapon and participating in a mob prohibited under the state of emergency.

The trial took place yesterday 29th November. The court acquitted her on the first two charges that were not constituted in law, and she was sentenced to a fine of 400 € suspended for the third. Not so bad in a certain way, but neither the constitution of a prosecution case by the police nor the violation of the constitutional right to demonstrate on behalf of a state of emergency intended to fight terrorism poses a problem before a court.

Tomorrow in Nice, it will be the trial of a photographer who was doing his work too close to the Italian border, on the too sensitive subject of migration. On the occasion of the destruction of the shantytown of Calais, four British journalists were arrested and kicked out of the area, and their translator detained, and a French journalist was arrested and put under house arrest pending his trial.

Ben Art Core said of his trial:

“I was arrested on 05/08/2016 in Menton while I was performing my duties as a photographer.

The charges against me: Délit de Solidarité
– Incitement to revolt
– Direct or indirect assistance, facilitate or attempt to facilitate the entry, movement or illegal stay of a foreigner in France
– Outrage

After my report to the PAF (borders police) in Menton (20h of custody), I passed in front of the Public Prosecutor of Nice (20h of custody) with a completely modified indictment: only a charge of contempt was held against me.
The PAF having (indirectly) recognized their mistakes, the charges and the facts were modified, in order to reinforce the PAF officers’ rights and to attempt to justify the arrest.

You can come at 11 am to support me and show your indignation at this authoritarian state and in solidarity with all the victims of repression because they are in solidarity with the migrants !!! NO to injustice and police repression and support for all refugees!

Support: LDH Nice, Collectif migrant 06 (Nice), migrant collectif 13 (Marseille), Antifa action 06 … »


In Brussels, it was the passengers of an airplane who got up because they heard the screams of someone being choked in the back of the plane, that person was an deportee whom the police were trying to restrain. But if the police were forced to give up the deportation, they also forced some people on the plane to leave the plane and they were prosecuted for rebellion.

The trial of two of them takes place in Brussels tomorrow 1st December.


In Calais as elsewhere, the trial of people who refuse the unacceptable. When is the trial of the unacceptable?


Hokusai : Peasants on a bridge in the border towns of Hida and Etchu.