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Things have gone faster. Barker received a negative answer to the asylum claim he made yesterday afternoon while in detention, he was taken away handcuffed this morning at 6am at Charles de Gaulle airport, without having time to appeal to the National Court of Asylum Right, a call which would have anyway not stopped the process. Forced expulsion, this time, with no possibility to refuse to get on the plane, result of a political will to carry out this deportation to Sudan. He was taken on a Qatar Airways flight to Doha, from where another Qatar Airways flight should take him to Khartoum tonight.

As Amnesty International wrote: “Security guards systematically interrogate those deported to Sudan. These unities have often been responsible of serious violations of human rights, such as the use of arbitrary detention, torture and bad treatment. ”

In French: https://www.amnesty.fr/refugies-et-migrants/actualites/france-deux-personnes-bientot-renvoyes-dans-un-pays

Another Sudanese migrant who had been arrested in Calais during the destruction of the shantytown and taken to the Vincennes detention center is now in Fresnes prison. He had refused to be taken to the Sudanese embassy to obtain the authorization necessary  for his deportation. He is now prosecuted for obstructing his deportation and imprisoned while awaiting the trial.

Calais, humanitarian operation: choice between torture in Sudan and French prisons. Among the people who have gone into the Reception and Orientation Centers (CAO – see here, herehere and here) how many will see their asylum claim refused and will have to face this choice?


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