In front of the station of Calais, a dozen people backs to the wall, surrounded by gendarmes mobiles . The daily racial profiling checks . Two people watch and observe the characteristics of the day of this illegal practice.

The train sets off. The sky has nice golden and pink reflections through the long lines of barbed wire fences that follow the track to the Eurostar station of Calais Fréthun. In places, the fence develops into a triple row. On the other side of it, fields, and houses.

Gare du Nord in Paris, the hall is filled with endless sirupy Christmas music . A patrol of soldiers passes by, their weapon on their breasts, pointed at the height of man or woman

Near the Gare de l’Est station, two Afghan teenagers pass by, walking fast. Around it, there are other people, who could come from Afghanistan and East Africa. The so-called “humanitarian camp” of the City of Paris is far from welcoming everyone, and police harassment has become harder with its opening. The youngest does not appear to be more than 14 years old.

In a lane, a police patrol controls two “apparently foreign”people, and arrest one. Having missed the beginning, it is impossible to say whether this control is linked to the “foreign appearance” of these people. As the train departs, a team of railway police goes up the platform, encircling a person of “alien appearance.” Even if it is a chance, it does show a lot for a short time of transit .

And you ? doesn’t all this scandalize you ?