If Calais is more often in the limelight of the media and if the policy of violence against Exiles there is pushed further, a similar situation applies to all encampments on the British border.

In Dieppe, the policy is the same as that applied in Calais following the closure of the Sangatte Center in 2002: evacuating squats and encampments, destroying tents and personal belongings, harassing people, resettling further away to be hunted again (see here, here, here and there). Dieppe is also with Cherbourg and following Calais one of the main ports where physical controls (barriers and barbed wire closing port) and technological controls (cameras, carbon dioxide detectors for trucks) are deployed, with the intervention of private security companies in the early 2000s.

So at the end of December, tents and personal belongings were taken and dumped in a skip last week, and a eviction procedure was initiated against another encampment and is scheduled to be carried out this week.

bd_pissarro_avant_port_dieppe_lumineuxPissarro : the fore-port at Dieppe, afternoon, fair weather.