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Evacuating several thousand people is not easy, especially when we want to give the image of a humanitarian operation, despite the deployment of more than three thousand policemen. Obtaining the consent of some of the expelled persons and certain associations was to greatly facilitate the destruction of the Calais slum. And for that a key point: the repeated promise that there would be no Dublin for people who would leave to CAOs ( Reception and Orientation Centres – see here, here, here and there)

The Dublin III regulation is used to determine the European country responsible for an asylum application, mostly that appears to be the country of entry into the European Union. Most of these countries do not respect the rights of asylum-seekers and do not offer satisfactory reception and integration conditions. To tell people that Dublin would not be applied to them was therefore an important element to decide to seek asylum in France and to give up their plans to go to the United Kingdom.

Once in CAO, faced with practices varying from one prefecture to another, it was often necessary to disillude themself. The initial promise has undergone several successive reformulations, a senior official has copiously left his number to leaders of associations promising to solve the difficult situations, but the reality is there.

The prefecture of Haute-Garonne is one of the ones that, since the creation of the CAOs at the end of October 2016, put the most energy to see them expelled within the framework of Dublin III. The exiles sent to the CAOs of the region yesterday called for a demonstration in Toulouse, an appeal relayed by some associations.

In Albi, where a gathering was held before yesterday, it is a matter of obstacles along the asylum request process for the exiles welcomed in the CAO of Lacaune.

The protest movement (here, here, here, here and here) is growing in CAOs and CAOMIs (CAOs for isolated minors-see here, here, here, here and here).


The call to the rally in Albi:


« Rassemblement en soutien aux migrant.es d’Albi

Published on December 20, 2016

Wednesday, December 21, migrants who stayed last spring in the Lacaune CAO will go to the prefecture to withdraw a file for their asylum application. They need our support because the prefecture is hindering their efforts. Moreover, we are not immune from an arrest, as it happened last Thursday, December 15, in Albi.


WEDNESDAY 21/12 At 10.30 am in front of the Tarn prefecture in ALBI.

To demonstrate our support for these people and help them to uphold their rights, let’s gather this Wednesday 21/12 in front of the prefecture of Tarn, Lices Georges Pompidou. ”


The appeal of the exiles to the rally of Toulouse:


« Les exilé.es de Calais et leurs soutiens appellent à un rassemblement

Published on December 20, 2016

Thursday, December 22, at 1 pm, exiles of Calais hosted in Haute-Garonne CAOs will gather in front of the Prefecture to denounce the practices of the latter and to demand that it fulfill the promises made to them. Let’s join them, and come to make noise at their side!

We, migrants currently hosted in CAOs (Centers known as Welcome and Orientation Centers) of Haute-Garonne and surroundings, arrived here after the expulsion from the camps in Calais, inside buses which have scattered us all over France.

We decided to get on these buses following promises from state representatives stating that we could apply for asylum under the normal procedure, certifying that the Dublin procedure – which allows them to deport us to the country where we have entered Europe – would not be applied to us.

The prefecture of Haute-Garonne, on our arrival here, reiterated this promise. But it now betrays her commitment, and handed over Dublin asylum applications to the people who come to their appointments, contrary to the administrative practices adopted in other departments.

It is the chance of the place in which we have landed that allows us to regain some hope or, on the contrary, forces us to flee again.

We denounce today the insidious practices of the prefecture of Haute-Garonne and demand that it respect the commitments taken towards us.

We, as supporters of migrants, are side by side with them in refusing the repressive and opaque maneuvers imposed on them by the state and its  institutions, that speculate on racism and misery.

Under the cover of a humanitarian operation, the State again organized the hunting of the migrants in Calais, scattering them, isolating them and making them more invisible.

We support and wish to make known the demands of the exiles of Calais against the prefecture of Haute-Garonne which, faithful to its practices, implements a restrictive and coercive conception of the rights of foreigners.

To a Europe that erects walls and borders, encloses and expels, we oppose welcoming, hospitality, direct solidarity and collective struggle.

Let us be numerous this Thursday 22 December at 1 pm in front of the Prefecture to support the migrants and stop the machine to expel! “


The call for associations to support and participate in the gathering of Toulouse:


« L’Etat doit tenir sa promesse aux exilé.es de Calais

(The State must keep its promise to the exiles of Calais)

The dismantling of the Jungle of Calais continues to cause human tragedies. After the evacuation imposed on exiles in unworthy conditions, the endangerment of minor children left behind and, more generally, the lack of humanity that characterized the intervention of the State in the Jungle, here we have France that betrays the promise made to those who have accepted what is now a dupes market. Several organizations, trade unions and associations (the ADE-association of Toulouse lawyers, the ADDE – the national association of lawyers, the CIMADE, the Syndicates of Lawyers of France, the Syndicat de of Magistrature and the Ligue of Human Rights) share the indignation of the exiles and call to join them Thursday in front of the prefecture to remind the State of its commitments.

Thus, the French State has pledged, by the voice of its highest authorities, to not send back to the first country of entry into the European area those who would accept to board buses in destination to Welcoming and Orientation Centers (CAO) in order to apply for asylum.

Some prefects have respected this commitment.

This is clearly not the case for the Prefect of Haute-Garonne who has decided to apply the Dublin procedure to almost all asylum seekers who have arrived from Calais in order to remove them from the French territory.

Faced with such a lack of honesty and an unequal application of state directives on the national territory, the exiles placed in the CAOs of Toulouse and its surroundings are extremely worried.

Betrayed, they feel a deep and legitimate anger.

The exiles of Calais consequently call for a demonstration in front of the Prefecture of Haute-Garonne on Thursday 22 December 2016 at 1 pm in order to obtain to stop the “Dublin” proceedings.

We, the organizations, unions and associations, share their indignation, support their struggle and call to join this gathering in order to remind the State of its commitments.

It is imperative that France keep its promise and allow all the exiles of Calais to file their asylum application on French territory.

Manifestation devant la Préfecture de la Haute-Garonne jeudi 22/12/2016 à 13h !

 Press Release of:

– the ADE (association of Toulouse lawyers)
– ADDE, (national association of lawyers)
– the CIMADE
– the SAF (Syndicats des avocats de France)
– the DS (Syndicat de la magistrature)
– the League of Human Rights »


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