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It is one of the classics in the French policy of non-welcoming, to “stock” isolated foreign minors in hotel rooms for months, even years, without any real social follow-up, without schooling after 16 years old, with minimal or sub-minimal coverage of their material needs, with no prospects for the future.

It is for this practice that the departmental council of Haute-Garonne has been condemned by the guardianship judge to put in place adequate care for eighty minors.

*this and all the following articles linked are in French*


This condemnation follows protests and other appeals filed against the policy of non-welcome by the Department.



This case, which has concerned minors in the department for a long time, crosses the story of the minors expelled from Calais who were sent to the CAOMI, the Welcoming and Orientation centres for Isolated Minors (see here, here, here, here and here).). They are outside the legal framework of child protection, but in principle should be integrated into it now that the United Kingdom has selected those who were chosen to legally go to the United Kingdom.



After having demonstrated, the minors of the CAOMIE in Bagnières-de-Luchon who were not accepted by the Home Office tried to leave the center on foot, destination: Calais. As far as they are concerned, it is likely that the departmental council will not have to assume its legal responsibilities. And on there return to Calais or to other camps close to the British border, it is equally unlikely that they will have access to the protection they have the right to. The CAOMI system would have then worked perfectly to enable the French authorities to escape their responsibilities.