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Both had just arrived in France and were travelling from the Italian border to Paris. Both thought they were going to seek for asylum in France but did not know the procedures. Both were arrested on the road and imprisoned in the detention center in Nîmes, one by decision of the Vaucluse prefecture and the other of the prefecture of the Var. For those who doubted it, deportation to Sudan is a national policy, not a peculiarity of the Pas-de-Calais prefecture.

The first arrived in the detention center on 21 November. For fear of being expelled to Sudan, he declared himself from Chad. It was after being put face to face with the Embassy of Chad that he was recognized as Sudanese. An appointment was therefore taken with the Sudanese Embassy and he is likely to be deported before the end of his detention, on 4th January (the maximum period of detention in France is 45 days).

The second was put in detention on 20 December with an Obligation to Leave the French Territory setting Sudan as the country of destination. He applied for asylum in detention. But it turned out that he has hearing problems, so his interview with OFPRA made by videoconference  went very badly, since he didn’t understand the questions he was asked. His asylum application was therefore rejected.

Ultimate appeals have been filed in both cases, but the risk of deportation taking place is very real.

millet-bird-s-nesters-1874-philadelphia-museum-of-artMillet : hunting birds in night time.