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Migrants in Calais and at the borders

December 5 2016 to January 3 2017

– aussi en français sur http://passeursdhospitalites.wordpress.com/

Expel. Expel from the territory a greater number of foreigners, or expel from the common law minors because they are foreigners. France, United Kingdom, European Union, the policies add up and strengthen, and seem to only be able to go even stronger in the same direction. As a counterpart and as a veil of the organised impotence of the states to act in the fields – economy, social – out of their regalian functions – army, police, justice or what the erosion of the rule of law leaves behind. But does this Europe that makes itself undesirable to the world have a future? Or do we have another future than to enter into resistance?

News from calais on the blog Passeurs d’hospitalités – English (page 2), and about the Balkan region on Exiles in the Balkans (Page 7).

You can download the Newsletter 04/12/2016 – 03/01/2017 here.