Two motorways that lead to the coast, and the camps near the parking lots where the trucks stop in which the Exiles hide to reach the United Kingdom. The motorway which runs from Lille to Dunkerque and Calais, with a camp at Steenvoorde, which runs from Arras to Calais, with encampments at Angres, Norrent-Fontes and Tatinghem, and more occasionally at Choques. There are also attempts to cross from further up the motorways, in France and in Belgium, but the situation is less well known due to the lack of any association formed or involved locally around the discovery of an encampment.

That of Steenvoorde was destroyed on July 7, 2016. Exiles are still trying to pass on this parking lot, but live in much more precarious conditions. That of Choques was destroyed on June 1st, 2016. That of Norrent-Fontes escaped the same fate thanks to a favorable judgment of the court of Bethune, which considered that the destruction would aggravate the precariousness of the people and that no adapted solution had been proposed.

The Tatinghem camp, next to Saint-Omer, is part of this archipelago which was created following the reinforcement of controls in the port of Calais (2000) and the accesses to the Channel Tunnel (2001). Closure of the Sangatte Centre (2002). Situated in a ditch, the conditions have been particularly difficult for a long time, until the inhabitants and the associations made them a little less precarious, with a pallet floor that avoids mud and with more solid huts.

An eviction procedure has been initiated for its expulsion, since the owners of the ditch suddenly considered that this encampment which has existed for years annoys them, or more likely the police or the sub-prefecture have suggested to them to engage this court case.


Omer and his servant –  11th century